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   Ana Helena

Ana Helena Meirelles Reis is the founder and president of MultiFocus. She is a graduate in Business Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (EAESP-FGV) and has an MBA from the same institution. She also has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of São Paulo (FEA-USP), with a major in Marketing.
Ana was an assistant professor in the Economics and Administration College of the Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC) for 15 years, lecturing in: Market Research, Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy.
She is currently an associate director of the NGO Midiativa - Mídia de Qualidade para Crianças e Adolescentes (Quality Media for Children and Teenagers). She has published numerous articles and delivered papers at Brazilian and international congresses and conferences.

   Ana Lúcia

Ana Lúcia Garcia Beltramini is a Quantitative Projects Analyst and she has been working at MultiFocus since 2010. Her academic background at the legal area, since she holds a law degree from FMU, adds an interesting point of view to research analysis. Besides this, she has been responsible for expanding MultiFocus geographic field of research, reaching from Oiapoque to Chuí. She is passionate about music and we can always find her singing around MultiFocus.


Ana Carolina Silveira Martins, “Carol”, is a Qualitative Projects Coordinator. She has been working at MultiFocus since 2011, supporting qualitative research area in many projects and has demonstrated a tremendous improvement in consumer research knowledge. She has a bachelor degree in Business Administration from ESPM (Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing) and has previously worked in marketing at LG Electronics. She is always tuned in fashion and out of the office, is experiencing new delicacies in the kitchen.

   Cristiane Silva

Cristiane Silva has worked with MultiFocus since 1999. She’s in charge of the administrative area and responsible for receiving and managing the participants in our studies. In addition to working with data crossing in our database, photographic access control and everything else, she uses an extra ability: she has an excellent visual memory! Do not forget a face which has come through our doors!

   Lye Fugisaki

Lye Fugisaki Matsuda has worked at MultiFocus since 2006 and is a Qualitative Projects Director. Previously she worked in the financial areas of the companies Credigy and Orbitall. She has a degree in Business Administration from the Fundação Getúlio Vargas during which she was an exchange student in Norway participating in the Master of Science in International Business program by NHH. She has a graduate degree in Marketing Engineering from FIA (Fundação Instituto de Administração) and a Master’s in Marketing (MMA) from IAE Grenoble (Institut d'Administration des Enterprises). Famous for her ability to handle Excel, Access and everything else, she became an internal consultant for everything that she wants to do, but does not know how! She is fascinate about cultural diversity and, for this reason, is responsible for the international projects. Whenever possible, she tries to travel abroad, either to study or to visit and meet friends she made around the world.

   Renato Almeida

Renato Almeida has been working at MultiFocus since 2007 and is a Quantitative Research Analyst. He has graduated in Social Communication (Advertising and Publicity) from Uninove.

   Robson Almeida

Robson Almeida has worked at MultiFocus since 1998. He is a Financial and Administration Coordinator, and the person in charge of the technological area at MultiFocus. Graduated in Accountancy at Uninove, he has a technical degree in management by SENAC institution. He is an ace in technology, loves electronics and is always ready to help solve any of the team’s computing problems. He is our expert in operating our PMA research collection and real time analysis software, handling a complex system of dials, transmission frequencies and all sorts of other things…

   Shirley Móro

Shirley Móro has been at MultiFocus since 2008 and is a Quantitative Project Manager. She has graduated in Social Sciences from USP, specialized in Market Research, Opinion and Media, and Applied Statistics. She has broad experience in diverse quantitative techniques, points of sale audits and geomarketing studies, which she acquired during her time at Brazilian and international market research institutes such as Indicator, GFK and Escopo. Her main strengths are her calmness, her delicacy and wonderful sense of humor. The world can be collapsing around her and it doesn’t seem to phase her. She always finds a sensible and practical solution for the daily problems encountered in quant research – and there are plenty of them! For her, everything must be looked at from the “Macro point of view”...

   Fernanda Sayuri

Fernanda Sayuri Yonehara, is a Qualitative Projects Analyst  in Multifocus since 2013. She holds a degree in Marketing from EACH-USP. She loves cinema, photography and extreme sports, she is always walking around São Paulo looking for exhibitions around the town or for new places to fly.