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Send Your Briefing

The briefing is the basis for preparing a research proposal. It is used to outline all the stages of the research in accordance with the client’s needs.

* obrigatory fields


1. Background
Describe your market: the competitive environment, how your brand is positioned, the kind of changes taking place, whether some kind of innovation is scheduled for the coming years...
2. The Marketing problem
Describe what led you to decide that research is necessary
3. Research Objectives
Provide a succinct description of the issues the research should solve
4. Ideas about methodology (if any)
If you already have an idea about using a determined technique, tell us why. We will provide guidance on the strengths and weaknesses of the methods proposed and together we can reach a conclusion about the best technique for solving your marketing issue
5. Specific Questions
Include all the questions or areas of information that you need or want
6. Action Standard
Describe which actions will be taken based on the research findings
7. Target Public
Describe the public to be researched: age, social class, gender and other pertinent information
8. Geographical Areas
Define the geographical areas/cities the study should cover
9. Timings
Describe your needs in terms of the timing of the field work and results
Write the text from the image at the box beside. Please pay attention to upper and lower case.