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  • Description
  • Geomarketing, or Geographical Marketing, is an approach that permits improved market knowledge through the geographical delimitation and identification of potential customers. It permits adaptation of the marketing mix to the spatial organization of the market, through visualization of relevant marketing variables in geographical maps.

    Its main advantage is a substantial increase in the effectiveness of marketing decisions because it permits a faster, intuitive and practical analysis of complex information and delimits the company’s area of activity geographically, identifying the places with greater potential for the consumption of a product or service.

    MultiFocus develops a customized research design for each client, complementing the geo-demographic maps with primary information that answers questions that go beyond this snapshot of the market. To do this, MultiFocus uses both qualitative and quantitative techniques, depending on the specific case.

  • Research Objectives
    • Identification of the profile of current and potential clients for a product, service or business
    • Evaluation of a region’s potential for the opening of a business
    • Geo-demographical segmentation of a region
    • Determination of characteristics of a population in a determined region for project planning

  • Measures Tested
    • Areas of primary, secondary and tertiary interest considering a geographical location, which could be a business, a school or a plant
    • Socio-economic and demographic profile of the region by area of influence
    • Population concentration and profile of this population
    • Mapping of access routes, transportation and businesses in the region
    • Identification of a region’s population growth rate, family income growth, changes in family profiles and the profiles of businesses in the region
    • Degree of awareness, satisfaction and overall evaluation of a product or service for which the geo-demographical study is being carried out

  • Data Collection
  • Use of appropriate software and official secondary data; Personal interviews face-to-face or by telephone; Focus Groups; Observation of Behavior in loco

  • Minimum Recommended Sample
  • Geo-demographical analysis – no limits to samples

    Analysis of product or service among existing or potential clients: 80 to 120 Personal Interviews by telephone; 20 In-depth interviews

  • Duration
  • 4 to 8 weeks