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  • Descrição
  • Desk Research, also known as secondary data research, consists of discovering information available from diverse sources, such as: data belonging to the actual client, publications from governments or foundations, data available on the internet, in magazines, newspapers, company annual reports, government research institutes, commercial data banks, etc.

    In some projects, desk research is highly recommended as a means of gaining prior understanding of the market under study. In others, desk research helps systematize knowledge that already exists in the company, but which requires a fresh look that summarizes the main learnings about different subjects. The main advantage of this approach is that the information can be utilized more rapidly since there is no dependence on field work. This material may be delivered in different formats, such as Books, Magazines, Reports or Annuals.

  • Publications
  • In addition to specifically commissioned desk research, MultiFocus has a Trends Panel based on situational analyses and surveys conducted among different audiences on subjects of interest to its clients.

    The firm also provides Articles, Dossiers and Reports with quantitative data and qualitative analyses about the habits, attitudes and behaviors of different audiences compiled in the course of years of contact with the most diverse consumer profiles and which now constitute a valuable source of market intelligence. Check what is available in our Store.