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Character Analysis

  • Description
  • In-depth understanding of the role that animated or licensed characters, or a brand symbol represents for the consumer is essential for those who work with these signs in their communication or who associate their brand with a character. MultiFocus undertakes this type of analysis using three tools: Target Psychological Profile Analysis; Diagnosis of the character’s or characters’ Visual Identity (Semiology); and Symbolic Evaluation of the Archetypical Power of the character or the Archetypical Profile.

    MultiFocus is recognized as a specialist in character analysis, having presented the following works at congresses:

      “The TV children’s Heroes In Brazil”
    • Geena Davis Institute and Prix Jeunesse (Los Angeles 2008)

      "Media as a tool for global peace & democracy"
    • 5th World Summit on media for Children- Johannesburg 2007

      “Building of a symbol Character”
    • ESOMAR Worldwide Qualitative Conference (Boston 2002)

  • Research Objective
  • To understand if, how and with what personality the characters fit the positioning of your brand or your communication

  • Measures Tested
    • Brand reference survey
    • Analysis of characters’ life history as icons of the psycho-social analysis of the target public’s relationship with symbol characters
    • Semiological analysis of the meaning of each character
    • Archetypical analysis of the function and representation of each character

  • Data Collection Technique
    • Desk Research of cases, papers and studies on the subject;
    • Consulting different specialists in the subject; In-depth Interviews or Creative Mini-Groups

  • Stimuli
  • Concept of the characters and their visual identity; all the materials that illustrate the character’s relationship with the target

  • Minimum Recommended Sample
  • 20 In-depth Interviews; 5 interviews with specialists; 40 hours of Desk Research

  • Duration
  • 8 to 10 weeks